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Wild & Free For Use

Shortly after purchasing rights to this piece of wilderness property I began walking every acre of it and taking note of its natural resources. One of the most significant resources is wild rose which can keep me supplied with plenty of vitamin C when I have no other source for that vital nutritional element.

This wonderful wild plant can always provide plenty of rosehips chock full of vitamin C (as well as a little vitamin E, B5 and A) easily consumed raw right off the bush or picked and brewed into tasty tea or even cooked into a pretty good jelly.

This natural resource was easy to spot back then since its rosehips were ripe red at that time (fall 1998). Always available.

There are other very useful resources here I've been utilizing for about a decade and a half since discovering them and learning how to prepare them for use including chokecherries–another fantastic source of vitamin C as well as vitamin K and manganese. Seasonally available.

A less reliable nutritional source here are crabapples which have proliferated extensively throughout the canyon. They don't always produce fruit but when they do I grab as many as I can and process them in my trusty Jack Lelanne juicer for the most energizing fresh fruit drink I can find. Nothing on grocery store shelves can even come close to the positive effects their juice can produce within minutes of drinking a glass full right out of the juicer.

As this pandemic worsens by the minute (thanks to so many dummies arrogantly disregarding expert guidance) it's good to know these naturally available nutritional resources exist here for ready, easy gathering and use, helping me avoid making so many trips into town to shop for food supplies in grocery stores barely clinging to their state pandemic compliance status to stay open. A lot of them have already been forced to close.

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