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When It Does Snow

Updated: Mar 12, 2018

Sadly, this winter may wrap up without any significant snowfall. When the clouds do release a nice, heavy, wet snow here, it's a glorious site. This was a 2014 snow that carried on for two days and one night before the sky cleared.

I decided to venture out into it to get a photo of Gascon point while it was still throughly covered. Walking through it required leaning forward and mightily pushing each leg ahead into the snow, it was just too deep to step over and too powdery to snowshoe on top of. Getting to the place where this photo was taken usually takes just fifteen minutes. It took over an hour to get there through the snow.

The point was obscured by low clouds that wouldn't disperse and it was too cold to hang around for them to get out of my line of sight to Gascon Point, so this was the best I could get.

On the way back to the house, an old snow skiing injury to left hip picked up at Taos Ski Valley thirty years ago began flaring up in a bad way from all of the pushing through, even though I was following the trail broken on the way out. Still three hundred yards from the house, it was hurting so much I thought I might have to drop down on hands and knees to crawl the last stretch. Visions of Legolas the Middle Earth elf walking on top of high-mountain powder without snowshoes came to mind and I cursed myself for being so careless.

It was a hard slog up and back for such a mediocre shot of the point, but I would do it again to get the photo of the season–if it would just snow enough.

Ah well, maybe next winter.

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