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Unshackled At Last

While our esteemed national leaders are embroiled in inquiry and counter inquiry machinations, the natural world couldn't care less, which is comforting. It's difficult to care much myself considering the end result will bring about little, if any, positive change. If I had not been forced to feed federal coffers with a final income tax payment of my life this year, I wouldn't care at all either. But the thought of someone blatantly attempting to spend that money for personal gain is infuriating. I want to see him impeached and ejected from office.

While drama plays out in the nation's capitol it's difficult to ignore the protracted proceedings, so strong is my desire for the nation to be rid of the boorish bum. Fortunately, I'm not being forced by law to attend the inquiry or even pay attention to it, as I was forced by law to pay annual income tax. Now I'm free of that shackle too, which is comforting.

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