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Under His Influence

Tomorrow marks the anniversary date of my return to help my parents glide into their nineties after one of them was severely injured from a fall. We were so worried the injury was going to bring about an early demise for one of them but it turned out the other's heart would give out first. I've dreaded loss of my parents more than I can express in words, thinking their influence would be something I simply cannot live without. But since loss of one a few days ago it's become obvious I'll continue being under influence of them both long after their bodies expire, not in any magically spiritual sense but in the simply elegant and delightful sense of having enjoyed their positive presence throughout my life from birth.

They always encouraged, equipped and informed me so thoroughly in so many fields of interest, reassuring I could accomplish anything I set my mind to, without exception. They've been right about that. I'm missing physical presence of the one I've lost but his influence is still strong in my life as it goes on. And I know I'll always be under his influence, at least until the day my body finally wears out. Whether that influence continues after that is anyone's guess. It's fun to think it will but just fine if this is all I get because it has been so much more than I ever expected it would be. More than enough to last through the remainder of my life.

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