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Truckin' For Trouble Part III

They're back at it! We'll keep cameras rolling and will continue reporting these moving violations to law enforcement so our court case will be too solid for anyone to contest, especially if someone is injured or killed due to these drivers' negligence. Stay tuned!

I wonder if these drivers' immigration status has been checked because they don't seem to understand what a stop sign is for. I've watched them commit this moving violation several times already this morning. If they were to get driving points demerits for each violation today alone then they would all have had their drivers licenses suspended days ago.

And if law enforcement set watch at this location, they could clean up on thousands of dollars of moving violation fines against these drivers. Maybe it's time to send links to these videos to local television investigative reporters.

Regardless of whether anyone does decide to do the right thing to stop these negligent drivers, we're well prepared to sue for the public good.

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