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Toes To Remember

Never thinking such a thing was remotely possible, I experienced the coldest winter weather of my life a couple of months ago when temperatures dropped to -8º F in a tiny Texas town which rarely sees them plummet into the high teens. And to top it off, the wind was blowing mercilessly as I scrambled to gather firewood to try to keep my elderly parents and myself warm while Ercot and Oncor (which I now refer to as Ercut and Offcor) decided their little community of about 6650 residents deserved to receive zero electrical power during the worst of the storm. These toenails are reminders of the miserably cold hours spent outside.

There have been about 150 lawsuits filed against Ercut and Offcor as of this week but likelihood any will be ruled in favor of plaintiffs is remote. Texas government will not allow such an act of small-people justice, caring nothing for the suffering of citizens as a result of bigwig incompetence and mismanagement. Many of the guilty bigwigs have resigned since. Big deal. Resigning and running away from the problem is a cowardly act. Sorry rat bastards.

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