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Tilt Free Zone

Greening is underway at last. Wild Iris have appeared individually and in bunches here and there. Apple blossoms are open. Chokecherry bushes are leafing up. Phoebe and Robin are hunting and nesting. Swallows streaking about wildly. Turkeys gobbling. Small herds of female mule deer and elk have already been grazing in the yard surrounding the house, the meadow and surrounding forest glades. No sign of bear visiting near the house yet, but they are welcome to roam as they see fit–as I do–so long as they don't molest my garbage cans.

Downslope insanity is spreading along with SARS-CoV-2 as ReOpeners are taking up arms and now killing to have their ignorant, selfish way. Society is tilting madly where people dwell in thick clusters, but up here things are still as they should be. Peaceful and forthright.

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