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The Unwanted Promotion

Updated: Dec 29, 2018

About this time thirteen years ago, I was promoted to acting CIO of the New Mexico Office of the State Engineer, a promotion I did not want and told my supervisor so before she made it official. But she was retiring and knew absolutely no one else in the IT department was as qualified as me or as trustworthy, so I was promoted and began shuffling more paper than I ever cared to. And it was very amusing watching the entire, simpleminded department turn on me after she retired and left me at the helm. Fortunately, the State Engineer already had a replacement in mind (the wife of his then Assistant Chief Council) and announced she would begin working in that role in February of 2006.

Never mind the illegal nepotism part of that, I was just happy to be cut free of the position and had already begun implementing plans to twist off and start my self-employment journey anyway. But before the State Engineer announced his hiring of a new CIO to take over the job, the dipshit IT Security Administrator of the department stalks into my cubical one fine day (I could have moved into the CIO's office but knew I would just be moving right back out sooner than later, so I stayed put) and this dipshit starts pissing and moaning at me about my former boss appointing me as acting CIO when he should have been promoted to the position instead.

Without comment or hesitation, I picked up the phone and called my new temporary boss in Program Support and told him there was a man in my cubical who actually wanted the job and that I was willing to immediately relinquish it to him. I then handed the phone to the dipshit. The dipshit listened to the Program Director for a few seconds without saying a word. I have no idea what he said, then the dipshit handed the phone back to me. The Program Director then informed me I would hold the position until a new CIO was hired and took over. I told him I understood and hung up.

The dipshit had left my cubical sometime while I was talking on the phone. He never said another word to me during the remaining eight months of my employment there.

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