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The Only True Culture

Countless cultures of nature are where my interests lie. The majority of human cultures hold absolutely no charm for me since most revolve around religions born of superstitions which once helped humans cope with fear of the unknown. Now they only serve to perpetuate fear through deceit-driven promotion. Nature's cultures are perpetuated without deceit or such vile, underhanded purpose.

Nothing humanity creates within its countable cultures can come close to matching the complexity and beauty inherent within the uncountable cultures of nature. And while humans struggle to achieve perfection in their meager endeavors, nature manages to produce perfection as a matter of course.

Nature's cultures are not bound by arrogance and vanity in any form or fashion while human cultures are all rife with hubris and conceit. Hence, only nature's enduring cultures are genuine enough to provide meaningful value for me. Humanity's frail cultures of fakery and frivolity can never fulfill any lasting need of mine.

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