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The Long Road Home

This is a section of the road up to the home studio. It's officially a county road but the county commissioner rarely ever gets around to grading it, leaving it to erode into nothing less than a jeep trail. This section is a steep grade too, requiring a slow creep up in 4x4 low.

During wet years, an acequia flowing alongside it frequently leaks from below and sometimes even overflows into the road, turning it into a stream bed. Majordomo for the acequia isn't very good at maintaining it, allowing it to damage the road for extended periods. I'm not sure why they allow it to get into such poor condition considering they receive hundreds of thousands of dollars in taxpayer funds to maintain it. Winter storms dumping ice and snow here can make this stretch impassable and a few times I nearly have been unable to make it home due to such hazardous conditions.

Sometimes it angers me that even though I diligently pay my local and state property and business taxes on time each year the county routinely neglects maintenance of this road, effectively subjecting me to extortion (and the main reason I will be dissolving my company at the end of June). It will obviously hinder EMT response time if I ever accidentally wound myself or fall critically ill. That's okay, though. I have no desire to be rescued and stuffed into some filthy hospital crawling with superbugs where my freedom is curtailed "for my own good" by so-called health officials. Allowing nature to take its course is my preference. And having such a bad road as the only practical vehicular traffic access route up here and back out again discourages people from driving the final mile to my gate. I like that aspect of it a lot.

As an acquaintance recently intimated, "People are trouble.". Minimal contact with people is the only way to avoid that toxicity. The long road home helps with that.

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