The Greater Dysfunction

Updated: Feb 18, 2019

It isn't easy to watch, this one. Exuding such anger and disdain for anyone in disagreement yet incapable of coherently articulating with any precision his reasoning. A bizarre modus operandi, to say the least, and an unimpressive leadership style by any measure. On playgrounds it's called bullying. Not the violent kind of bullying which actually instills fear in victims on the receiving end. It's the petulant variety which is laughed at and pitied. More compassionate observers wonder at root cause. Dysfunctional upbringing and family life? Mental malfunction? A corncob stuck crossways up the ass?

"Trump reminds us of what happens when anxiety is denied or ignored. He is consumed and misled by a lifetime of unprocessed, unacknowledged anxiety, which has no doubt been exacerbated by the power and responsibility of his office. Trump challenges us to avoid making the same mistakes. It’s time we heed that call."

~ Justin A. Frank, MD

It's a good experience for us, though, having to endure a champion of the undercurrent of fearful intolerance roiling and swelling unabated just beneath our thin national skin. Fortunately, checks and balances have prevented irreparable far. Time is precious, but his time in office won't be a total waste, if lessons are actually learned from this mistake.