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The Decade of FLUXFAZE

Updated: Feb 19, 2019

2017 marked the tenth year of operations for FLUXFAZE Creative Enterprises, LLC. Not a long time in the greater scheme of things, but long enough to feel good about. Long enough to dream of what could come next–how to advance to the next level in this short life.

It's been a wild, scary, exhilarating trek leading to lots of exciting dreams, intriguing experiments and satisfying accomplishments surpassing any achieved prior to taking the leap into self-employment. Sometimes I think I should have started this adventure sooner than I did, but wishing accomplishes nothing and the journey has been as interesting and enjoyable as I could have ever hoped for. Wisdom garnered in prior decades may have been essential for success in this entrepreneurial endeavor.

Now, as age of retirement rapidly approaches, I'm wrestling with the question of whether to continue the adventure or wrap it up while I'm still ahead. Dreams of a new house specifically designed to optimize creative activities of interest as yet to be explored dominate my thoughts. More than a million acres of adjacent national forest land beckon just across the fence to be hiked and camped for days, weeks and possibly even months at a time to hone wood and wildcrafting skills beyond mere recreational levels. Mistakes made over the decade have been rewardingly informative and reflecting on them is entertaining. It has been much easier to savor all experiences–good and bad–of the past decade since they were all of my own doing and ultimately under my control and mine alone. None were fatal for this little company or for its sole proprietor, so far, and my health has never been better. It's been fun, all in all.

This conundrum is fun too, worth enjoying while it lasts as well.

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