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Ten Years After

It will soon be more than a decade since the county did any maintenance on the road leading up to my gate here. And the maintenance performed back then only came about after doing some complaining to the county commissioner's office about it in 2009, never mind that I have always paid my property and state income taxes in full and on time.

The last time maintenance was done, the road grader operator had managed to get his machine stuck in a place I could not drive around it, even in 4x4 mode. Ah, well. That's part of life out here away from highly-populated urban centers where civil servants are numerous enough for a few competent ones to actually be on the job.

Maybe it's for the best. With the road being in such bad shape for so many years now, few people are inclined to drive out this way and disturb the delightful silence. And perhaps if I am ever in need of EMT services and they cannot reach me here at my officially designated 911 address I will be able to sue the county for damages related to their negligence of road-maintenance duties.

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