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Near the end of summer, hawk moths begin appearing to feed on bull thistle blooms. Sometimes they work individually, other times a swarm of them target blossom clusters of a plant in large numbers. Standing nearby, the thrum of their wings is easily heard and felt. It's almost musical.

Sensations of their presence are soothing and these are the sort of things which bring deep, enduring comfort for me. Naturally occurring, uninfluenced by me or any other human being, they grace the environment by simply going about their business feeding without damaging their food source, even helping the plants they feed upon multiply as well by spreading tiny bits of pollen from blossom to blossom. Beautifully unintentional acts of creation. Symbiosis drives them on.

It's a shame humanity can't behave similarly. Unfortunately, our species is prone to demanding much more than we actually need, habitually consuming in glutenous excess by application of deadly force even when not necessary for survival. We rip the world apart attempting to find happiness through activities of pointless greed. Destruction drives us on.

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