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Sun Worshiper

A crystal clear sky at sunrise this morning, I ran outside cheering on the Sun's glorious return.

After more than three days socked in by clouds hugging the slopes of the canyon from Gascon Point all the way east across the plains to the Texas state line and beyond, the Sun finally made its stunning appearance a few hours ago.

I had swept most of the snow off of the solar panels the night before in preparation for this event, but went back out as soon as sunrise began to check one more time while brilliant sunshine steadily spilled downslope toward them.

Finding all seven panels still clear of all but a fine dusting of powder, I hurried back inside out of the sub-zero (-4º F) morning stillness to warm my withering old fanny beside the fire, standing as close to the stove (roaring at a toasty 1200º F) as safety allows and watching the sunlight spread over the meadow. By 8 am the entire meadow was awash in photons.

Not a cloud in the sky, within minutes, temperature in the meadow had increased to 5º F and the PV array was pumping plenty of current into the charge controller of the trusty little power system which has served me so well for more than a decade, making the batteries happy again and bringing plenty of electricity back into my daily routine.

I love worshiping the Sun!

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