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Stovetop Enchiladas

With a second 3-day blizzard bearing down on the canyon, cravings for a big, steaming plate of greasy enchiladas begin stirring. Comfort food for weathering the approaching storm.

Cooking them in a 10-inch pyrex pie dish sitting on a 1/2-inch tall wire spacer to prevent scorching the bottom of it.

Another easy dish to prepare on a wood burning stove top, the hardest part is rolling the enchiladas and grating the cheese. Lots of cheese. I like to use Colby-Jack.

Stoke up the stove with a fresh load of wood, and leave it alone to go do something else until its aroma fills the house, signaling it is so ready to consume.

YIKES! Almost overcooked them.

No matter. Add a little fresh lettuce and ripe tomatoes, and even the overdone parts are delicious.

I think I'll try baking a stovetop Flan for desert next time I make this dish.

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