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Spring Blizzard No. 5

Before it began snowing, spring greening was well under way. But the aspen grove knew not to leaf up just yet for risk of broken branches from heavy snow on the way within a few hours.

Grasses and ferns weren't waiting.

No sign of impending weather change at sunrise.

I hustled to finish some fence building work before winter weather returned, getting the last of the stone cribs set by suppertime. The air rapidly cooled, signaling the storm's approach..

Confirmed by blue sky between thin, high clouds moving fast and cold breeze from the east.

Light rain was falling by late afternoon until 9 PM when it turned to snow.

At midnight the flakes were growing larger and falling thick.

Just before dawn, snow accumulation was about six inches.

At dawn, it's still coming down strong with another 60 hours of snow in the forecast.

It'll be a good day for a hike through the forest to take photos of freshly coated heights of Gascon Point. The entrance into the forest looks more like a cave opening than a trailhead.

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