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Splitting With Sunlight

Updated: Jul 16, 2020

Wood gathering continues as weather and fire watch restrictions allow. I'm only able to run the chainsaw between 6AM and 10AM (by law) each day which is plenty now that I'm gathering, hauling, splitting and stacking oak. It's heavy stuff and takes its toll on this old body of mine.

Sunlight powers the splitter and each morning another load is added to the stack before sun and heat become uncomfortable, followed by a long, hot shower, a good meal and a long, deep nap graced with dreams which only come to thoroughly exhausted sleepers.

It's been a sunny week and progress has been good. I may be able to finish before the end of the month, so I'm taking a day off today to rest and do neglected house chores. Strong thunderstorms are forecast this afternoon. If they do come a nap while they rage on will be the perfect sleep aid.

Just a few more loads of oak tossed into the middle and it can be capped with a few loads of pine piled in a dome on top to wrap up this months-long chore. A tarp over that before first snowfall and it's set.

It's pleasant work. And strolling around the yard, sight of the holz hausen nearing completion instills comfort in knowing there will be plenty of seasoned, stove-ready firewood available throughout the colder days and nights of fall, winter and spring.

With the middle finally full of oak, the difficult cutting and hauling part of the chore is finished now. Just a little more splitting and stacking the last bit of pine and aspen when it's all done curing in the sun next week will wrap it up for the year.

So far I haven't had to run the generator at all while splitting this firewood. Last year's wood supply was all split without use of the generator, so maybe I'll be able to make it happen again that way this year too–anything to help minimize carbon footprint and noise out here.

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