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Sopapillas & Coffee Kick

I've been on a sopapillas and coffee kick for breakfast this fall. After getting a warming fire started in the living room stove, the sopapillas are easy to prepare from a small ball of refrigerator dough while the coffee perks. I'm allergic to honey so I apply a drizzle of doughnut glaze to them instead. By time they're ready to eat and still warm, the coffee is piping hot and ready to pour. Then it's a delight scarfing them down between sips of coffee while reading all about the orange-coated creep's recent loser-tantrum-tossing antics.

The breakfast is so tasty I have to eat carefully to prevent choking when suddenly laughing out loud over some stupid thing the orange-coated creep says or some stupid stunt he pulls as his denial of loss continues. His demented, hair dye melting attorney/friend/suckup demanding $20K per day for his hackneyed legal counseling service elicited an unexpectedly loud, extended laughing fit. I can't imagine a more deliciously entertaining breakfast time.

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