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Second Childhood Well Underway

Now two years into retirement, I can tell I'm entering my second childhood as my thoughts become more fantastic by the day. This morning while GPS marking the new lane through the forest a growling rumble from somewhere high in the Pecos Wilderness drew my attention from the pair of GPS units I was using. Looking west, a convincing imitation of a brand new volcano erupting up there rose into the sky. Giggling, I scrambled around trying to find a gap in the trees to take a photo before the moment passed and the magic was lost.

Mission accomplished, I watched the storm doing its imitation swell a bit before picking up the trusty pair of vintage GPS units and turning attention back to marking the remainder of the forest lane.

But even as I was gathering more location data points, I couldn't help wondering if Gandalf might suddenly appear a short distance ahead with a scowl on his face while speaking in protracted manner a challenge to begin a new journey as Mount Doom rumbled on angrily.

Was that Shadowfax I just heard nickering with delight in a sun washed glade off to the right?

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