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Every once in a while I like to get thoroughly sauced, especially after having completed most of a difficult task as preparation for finally wrapping it up. A college roommate, Carl, introduced me to joys a nice stiff gin & tonic can spur, and it's still my favorite libation. And while I do not think of Carl as any kind of deity, I do use the word libation here with no small amount of reverence to the person who introduced me to it.

Carl is a doer with great imagination. I try to be an imaginative doer too, full of ideas bursting at the seams to be realized in tangible products which improve our world. I like to think I've inspired his creative works as much as he has inspired mine.

While I sit here sipping this ideal creative sauce and thinking about how soon I'll be all ready for winter this year, I dream of plans to obtain a new kick-ass computer–an iMac Pro or even a Mac Pro loaded to the gills with powerful gear and obscene amounts of RAM–before first snowfall, then connecting a Magic Leap creator's rig to it before getting snowed in to build an augmented learning environment like no other available today. An augmented learning environment where eager minds bursting with their own ideas and champing at their bits to become doers in their own right and in their own unexpected ways can learn all they need to know to crank out detailed designs for their own great creative works.

So, I'm making this my end-of-life goal: Create a rich, ultra-intuitive augmented learning environment to replace conventional, antiquated learning systems where anyone with ideas and drive to create tangible, useful products from those ideas can become an earth-shaking doer.

This will be my parting gift to the world if I am successful. And even if I fail, it will be a kick just trying to pull it off.

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