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Random Therapeutics

My youngest brother took this photo while visiting here this summer. He came upon it walking near the aspen grove growing along the south bank of the small stream cutting across the property. As much as I was struck by the simple beauty of what he had captured, I was even more moved by his act of recognition–first noticing and then drawn to it–intrigued by what he had stumbled upon.

It's good he found it. It's also good he was naturally compelled to record the find and has allowed me to use the image here. It's nice to look at, triggering a touch of vertigo gently drawing attention down into the crystal-clear bead of water. Just enough to excite without inducing nausea. Indescribably therapeutic. Personally, these sort of unexpected finds while roaming alone in wilderness rejuvenate mind and body more than anything of human manufacture ever has.

I hope its random therapeutic effect was similar for my brother, and for others seeing it here.

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