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Rain's Redeeming Return

It has been raining every late afternoon or evening and several times well into the night for a few weeks now. Threat of wildfire has diminished and sight of storm clouds full of lightning sailing off to the south are pleasant evening entertainment. As they move away, their outflow breezes are cool and soothing.

Far downslope, summer heat mounts and nerves of angry, high-density populations are grating. Mass shootings are becoming commonplace in news media, if not actually occurring anymore frequently than they ever have. Media outlets starving for news items may just be reporting acts of violence which have always been the norm.

Soaring storms know nothing of these horrific events perpetrated by people against people. Longing for that serene detachment, I'm considering disconnecting from frenzy-feeding media outlets altogether, preferring not to know of them too.

Knowing of them is of no value. Knowing rain's redeeming return is.

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