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Prevalent Mood

I'm fortunate to have brain chemistry which keeps me in a good mood most of the time. The only time I fall into a really bad mood is when I make a mistake doing something in a way I sensed ahead of time would turn out badly and proceeded without pause to think it through first. Illnesses also induce sour moods. But even my bad moods pass quickly and are usually followed by protracted sensations of elation when I inevitably recover from whatever mistake I made or illness I contracted–always celebrating recovery phase by basking in improvement.

Sometimes, though, I wake to a new day so pumped into such a high state of joy for no apparent reason whatsoever it's downright intoxicating. Days like that are almost always preceded by a night of intense, vivid dreaming about the strangest things. Last night was rife with such strange dreams which reverberated in my mind as I lie in bed watching dawn swell bright and crisp beyond the ridge. Monsoon rains had once again drenched the land with fresh moisture. Evaporation throughout a cloudless night made air temperature drop and aroma of a kazillion lifeforms reveling in the wetness wafted in through the window beside the bed, washing over me on gentle gusts of chilled breeze. I had to restrain urges to leap from bed with a loud hoot and launch into a crazy jig, reluctant to spoil the quiet beauty of the morning with such antics. Instead I just giggled gently and looked forward to a fun day.

I hope this tendency to be in a good mood sprinkled with days of intense, elevated joy persists throughout the remainder of my life, right up to the moment I check out. Living happy is a blast. I suspect dying happy will be too.

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