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Prepper Privacy

I'm a habitual prepper. I'm not convinced catastrophic meltdown of society is imminent or even probable, but I do think it is possible. Considering how mob mentality has managed to seize control of society in the past to persecute people not fitting into their particular molds of strict, hypocritical conformity, it could very well happen again. It may even be ramping up for a rerun as I am typing this. Who knows what horrors our current cadre of caustic world leaders are scheming collusively (or not) for profit through massive population persecutions.

My prepping is simpler than that and practiced with purpose. Each year I cut, gather, split and stack five cords of firewood to heat the house. It's hard work but pleasurable and all of the heavy lifting, bending, carrying and axe swinging keeps me fit and trim. Finished holz hausens standing in the yard can make me feel warm long before winter arrives.

I start in early summer and do it all alone every year, enjoying the solitude. I can pace myself as flexibly as I wish, not having to accommodate other people's work styles and rhythms and I used to enjoy thinking no one else knew where I was or what I was up to when out in the forest finding, felling and blocking standing dead trees solo all day long. It was a comforting feeling to know I could completely disappear from sight of all prying eyes if I so desired. At least it was until a satellite camera surveilling my place deep in the forest caught me in the act.

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