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Predawn Cookfest

After temperature dropped last night, I woke well before dawn unable to fall back to sleep. So I decided to do some predawn cooking while the house was cool before starting wood gathering work today. First dish up: Peach Balsamic Chicken for breakfast.

For lunch and supper after the days work is done and sore old body has had a good long soak in a deep, hot tub: Blacktop Babybacks. I call them 'Blacktop' since they look like they've been coated by a blacktop road tarring machine and because it's a favorite meal to wrap in foil and nestle in a safe place on the engine block of the truck when setting out on a road trip. By the time my stomach starts grumbling for food, they're heated to perfection for a nice roadside lunch. A road trip will happen when the wood gathering work is all done.

And for desert, my first 100% made from scratch cherry pie. Making this gave me greater appreciation for all of those from-scratch pies my mother and grandmothers made. I did the crust with a food processor, something my grandmothers never used until later in their lives.

I'm not much of a lattice crust artist. This tastes as good as any finely woven lattice crust I've ever consumed. Now time for work . . . after a bite to eat and a short nap at dawn.

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