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PowerWulf at MSU

Updated: Mar 8, 2018

I just found out my alma mater has purchased a custom configured PowerWulf ZXR1+ Cluster for computer science students interested in learning about software development for high performance computing.

Very cool. If I wasn't so old and worn out I might consider going back to college just to take a course in HPC programming. When I was attending the computer science school there a little over 30 years ago, they were just getting PCs into their programming labs to program on instead of the IBM System/360 mainframe (which was a royal pain in the butt to use). They had also obtained a UNIX machine, a PDP-11 I think. The best I could do to learn about massively parallel computing at the time was read and report about Dr. Danny Hillis' Connection Machine and dream of gaining access to one of those someday. That was back in the gigaflop days and never happened.

But this multi-teraflop monster is for youngsters to tinker with. I might buy a bunch of RPis and connect them together to create a parallel processing cluster of my own to play with before I die. Maybe name it GAL.

There's more about PowerWulf on PSSC Labs' Google Plus page:

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