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A hike upslope revealed Gascon Point still hiding behind clouds and mist for the most part.

Just as their cousin along the creek, high country aspen groves have yet to begin leafing up.

Strolling back into the forest to my dream cabin build site, a pleasant surprise awaits in snow.

It's the best elk shed I've found here so far, in excellent condition missing none of its points.

It's nice and big with signs it has seen plenty of battle action.

Stress cracks reveal much more fighting and this one might have lost a point or two.

I rarely find them while out hunting for sheds on purpose.

Last time that happened, I was hunting them with a nephew before he left to live in Australia.

It won't be hung with others of lesser quality, beyond reach of gnawing varmints.

It will be used for interior decorating and should make a very nice coat or towel rack.

A nice find after a fine spring blizzard.

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