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Pizza Pause

Updated: May 30, 2019

After going out to shoot photos, I got back to the house for a pause in the wintery fun a little disappointed (it's too foggy to shoot Gascon Point) and a lot starving (I'd had no breakfast). So I sat beside the fire changing from chilled snow boots to house shoes and thought about what I wanted to eat on this frosty, bright white morning. The fire was dying down a bit which made me think about cooking something on the still glowing coals. Vision of a fresh, wood fire-baked pizza sprang into my mind and there was one ball of dough still in the refrigerator.

And so, within an hour a baby portobello mushroom pizza was baked to absolute perfection.

I nearly dropped it getting it over to the counter where I could slice it up before the pizza stone burned a hole through the oven mitt. Good grief, I've never enjoyed a finer breakfast!

Snow is falling again. Making me sleepy. Time for a long winter . . . I mean, spring nap.

L E T I T S N O W !

L E T I T S N O W !

L E T I T S N O W !

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