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Perching Rabbit

Updated: Mar 6, 2018

I first spotted this young rabbit perching on the canoes in August, 2015. It apparently preferred an elevated view of its environment over ground level. Smart rabbit.

In the fall, it began perching on tire tops under wheel wells of the Tahoe. Not only did this provide a nice, high point of view, underside nooks and crannies of the Tahoe may have provided lots of cool escape vectors better than anything open ground ever could.

That winter, I spotted tracks of a bobcat which had begun prowling around the house. It probably knew there was a nice fat rabbits about.

By mid winter the perching rabbit was still alive, standing watch from its higher position on top of the tires. One morning at dawn I watched from bed as the bobcat prowled around on top of a fresh layer of snow trying to find the rabbit it knew was nearby but it never thought to look up just a little bit to see this one watching it. The now plump rabbit stood stock still as the bobcat walked right past it not ten feet away. The wily rabbit survived winter and spring but disappeared sometime during the summer of 2016, as did the bobcat. I hope they both just decided to move on to other territory.

There are 2-legged predators here who wish I was dead. I think I'll build a nice, tall lookout tower onto the house like the one we built onto Dad's workshop. It was a fun project that set the neighbors talking about what it was for. The best theory I heard of was a flight control tower for helicopters delivering drug shipments from Mexico. It's actually just a water tower with a 1000 gallon tank on the top floor.

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