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Pavement Free Bliss

Laying down strips of pavement here is not desirable. Besides high expense and negative environmental impact, too many decades spent living in thirty different cities (and on one farm) surrounded by pavement and traveling over hundreds of thousands of miles of highways, freeways and streets resulted in development of deep aversion to the stuff. Walking miles of paved sidewalks and pathways was never any fun either. Even soled shoes are avoided whenever possible now. Moccasins are preferred footwear because they allow unmarred ground to be felt while moving over it. No venomous creatures to worry about stepping on around here makes this an ideal place to feel every inch of gloriously unspoiled ground. Turned ankles while walking in moccasins never happens, something too frequently experienced when feet are clad in soled shoes or boots. Grass and pine needles beneath moccasins is much more delightful than any artificial surface ever traversed, including carpet.

And after annual wood gathering work is completed, the pickup truck stays parked to allow smashed ground cover to bounce back throughout the second half of monsoon season.

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