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Talking a few days ago with my brother about my search for a new parcel of wilderness property to replace the one destroyed by the United States Forest Service, we got into discussion about the horrors of HOAs. I guess HOAs serve good function in the burbs, but I know I would hate to be living under control of one. After renting a house for a while which was under HOA surveillance, I knew I'd never buy property governed by HOA regulations.

This beautiful rural lawn would never pass HOA spec, earning instead swift warning of violations and stiff fines if not remedied just as swiftly by wiping out all the dandelions and everything else that is not purebred grass. And that rosebush in the fence corner? Atrocious!

But, of course, here in the country HOAs hold no sway and have no power over landowner's more delightful sensibilities. And, so, that corner rosebush grows unmolested and raucously.

Then there's the haphazard way other flowers have been planted and allowed to sprout as free-willed beings deserving every freedom imaginable. Such unorganized, recklessness!

The idea, allowing such manageable things to grow as they please without being properly bordered by neat, perfectly-aligned, squared-edged bricks!

Such a horrible crime in progress, letting flowers run amok like these are here!

How can any respectable homeowner allow such wildness to creep into place?

An Iris here . . .

A rose there . . .

Without rhyme or reason.

To hell with HOA yards. I prefer a hippie yard any day.

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