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New Year Lunch

Sea scallops sautéed in butter and fresh garlic from Mom's wild Wizard patch, more toasted garlic sprinkled on top of a substantial mountain of mashed potatoes, finished off with a savory spiced rum gravy drizzled all around. A favorite seafood dish wolfed down beside a crackling fire is a perfect meal when it's snowing so hard outside at the start of the new year.

Joe's Special Seafood Scallops Swimming In Spiced Rum Gravy

1. Get some scallops and thaw if frozen (save their beautiful white juice).

2. Make some mashed potatoes (any favorite kind will do) and set aside.

3. Mince some fresh garlic (half to sauté with scallops, the other half to roast).

4. Roast the extra minced garlic until it's golden brown (burn it, and the dish will be bitter).

5. Sauté the scallops in melted butter, adding minced garlic near the end of the sauté.

6. Arrange the sautéed scallops in a circle near the edge of a warm plate.

7. Mix the saved scallop juice with a little water, spiced rum and cornstarch until smooth.

8. Pour the mixture into the same, unwashed skillet used to sauté the scallops.

9. Heat the gravy until boiling and just starting to thicken. Strain it if desired.

10. Put large pile of mashed potatoes in center of plate, sprinkle roasted garlic bits on top.

11. Drizzle the hot gravy over it all as desired.

12. Consume and experience a culinary orgasm.

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