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MyFeed vs TheirFeed

Having had a few opportunities to partner with others in business ventures over the decades, none panned out in any significant fashion to convince me they would be worthwhile pursuits. By significant fashion I mean specifically that 1) a personality fit which felt both solid and sound was a must and 2) mutual commitment to goals focused on practical business success while improving the human condition without damaging anyone or anything. Without 99.99 percent certainty of these two conditions being met right out of the gate and persisting throughout the partnership, my gut feeling was that I more likely I would end up being sucked into hopeless shit mires rather than embarking upon intriguing adventures of discovery and innovation. Hence, I just could not enter into any of those partnership opportunities with that feeling churning deep in my gut.

So I've thought a good deal about what might be possible putting a good AI assistant into my single-proprietor business mix instead. I would prefer a cyber-biological AI assistant, preferably along the lines of devoted, loyal, unconditionally loving basenji puppy form. But that isn't going to happen in my lifetime, and as AI assistant technology has emerged I am not at all inclined to dive into any of the corporate-created AI assistant offerings. That would mean selling my soul to monetization-based AI which makes me cringe and want to vomit at the mere notion of all that implies. I just want a good AI assistant that knows absolutely everything we collaborate on is to remain totally private and inaccessible by anyone else–especially evil corporate entities.


No exceptions.

The Mycroft open source voice assistant project might be a good platform to begin using instead and warrants cautious exploration. Mycroft founder Joshua Montgomery reported yesterday that his open source project has been targeted for assault by patent trolls and that he is counterattacking, expressing conviction to carry the fight all the way to the Supreme Court if necessary.

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