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My Music

Started trying to record original tunes and songs in the late 70s using tape decks. Never could get a sound I liked until affordable digital recording rigs became available on the market. A VS-880 with VS-CDR finally did the trick for producing anything worth listening to. To date since then I've cranked out about eighty digitally recorded tracks I can stand to listen to now and again. A very few random listeners in the world have communicated that they too enjoy listening to them. To all of them I'm deeply grateful for the gracious compliments.

At this time, all of them are available for free listening and download on the music page. Trying to figure out a better way to present them on this site than mere page scrolling. Will probably figure out a way to link to a separate page for each title or collection shown above.

All I ask is that no one use them for commercial purposes to make money. If you do that I will have to hunt you down and squeeze every vengeful cent my lawyers can litigate out of you.

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