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Morning View

On overcast mornings after a nice snowstorm, first view of the transformed world outside is a delight. The road up now impassable, no one else is around to spoil the silence and solitude.

The storm is moving east, causing power outages and dreadful traffic incidents downslope for those too impatient to simply stay put and enjoy its quiet beauty, no matter how insistent weather reporters advise doing so. Fear sets in when the lights go out. Panic ensues when cell and internet disconnections isolate and cease all pointless social media consumption. I should care about all of that, but I honestly don't. Nothing I can do about it anyway. Not my fault people are too stupid to prepare in advance and exercise caution during these weather events, leaving roadways clear for emergency responders risking their safety to help people in dire need of their assistance. Not my fault people are incapable of finding joy in peaceful time off from the rat race weather like this can afford for all to enjoy without paying one cent.

Here, backup batteries in the power shed keep electrons stored for such days as this flowing into house circuits to power lights, appliances and this computer too, now being used for offline creative activities until enough sunlight makes it through the clouds to energize solar panels. Fifteen or twenty amps is all that is needed. In the meantime. . . coffee and breakfast.

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