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Memory Triggers

Evening stormy skies are a major memory trigger, always stirring up deep recall of past phases of life. The storm missed here a couple of nights ago but it still managed to trigger fond memories of college days spent living and studying in a tiny one-room dwelling on stormy nights in a city where a tornado ripped through less than a decade before I was there.

It was cheap, but it had a decent tiny shed kitchen in back with refrigerator/freezer and a clean little bathroom too. I had to throw roach bombs under it a few times while living there and I moved out after it was burglarized during my senior year. Other than that, it was totally fine for a place to live while wrapping up the final year of the degree plan. It's still standing, possibly housing another college student working hard to make life better for themselves.

Also still standing is the motel I stayed in the day I interviewed with the dean of the computer science department about transferring into the bachelor of science program to complete my degree. It was a cheap place to stay too, I think it was $20 per night but it was fine for that night before the interview. The dean of the department was a cool guy who sensed things would work out for me there. And he was eager to help when my little rental house was burglarized just before beginning my final semester in college. Good memories of stormy times.

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