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Memorable Kindnesses

Updated: Apr 29, 2019

Photo Courtesy of Rick, Gary and Sherri.

This is the month Jimmy and his friends, Leah and Thomas, disappeared in 1970. I didn't know Thomas or Leah but Jimmy and I became acquainted for the first time in the fall of 1965 when he helped me avoid a childish–but very significant at the time–social crisis.

As his younger brothers and I forged a deeper friendship, interactions with Jim multiplied and all are indelibly kindled in pleasant childhood memories.

Jimmy's simple, direct kindness was all it took to spark and build such good memories. His brothers, sister, parents, cousins and friends continued doing so over the years.

They always had no problem taking out time to hang out with us (my brothers and I) whenever we were in town as kids and later in life.

I'm not much for afterlife foolishness except in the sense that an afterlife does actually exist within the memories of those we interact with and get to know well in life.

Memories of Jimmy are solid. He's still alive and well in my head.

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