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Marking Time

When I saw this single sprig growing on Great Sand Dunes National Monument almost three decades ago it immediately made me think of time and how creatures of the universe(s) mark it. Usually content with passage of time and whether or not past, present and future are actually all the same, when I fall ill time becomes the enemy. Ten hours after getting COVID and Flu vaccines late last week I began feeling side effects and by sunrise the next morning I was too sickened by them to do anything but wait for it to be over. Time was my arch enemy.

Doctors advise vaccine recipients not to use any pain relievers which reduce inflammation because that can negatively impact effectiveness of recently administered vaccines. So I resisted urges to take any. Utter exhaustion drove me to sleep and with each bout of unconsciousness came some diminishment of misery until twenty-seven hours later it was over at last and all concerns with time rapidly vaporized in the euphoria of feeling well again.

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