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Lizard Lover

I've always loved lizards. Recurring dreams of the floors of our house teaming with pet lizards of all kinds and sizes are a favorite. I've spotted lots of lizards here, mostly fence lizards and various kinds of horned lizards, including the familiar but hard-to-find Texas Horned Lizard. I never expected to find any skinks here at this altitude, though. I've always associated skinks with low, humid forests rich with deep, dark humus like those along the gulf coast plains. While gathering stones for making stone crib fence posts this week, I scared up a beautiful, blue-tailed Great Plains Skink and a Variable Skink, both beautiful specimens but I didn't have a camera on me while gathering stones and didn't want to risk injuring them by trying to capture them. A good reason to spend a day this spring with camera at the ready while turning over stones.

In the meantime, there are lots of Plateau Fence Lizards sunning here and there to enjoy.

Even close to the house, sometimes going inside when I forget to close the door behind me.

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