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Leggy Writer

She writes slowly, with deliberation and style, tending her scribed web stretched over the kitchen window for a full week now. Nothing disturbs her there, and I don't intend to either.

A leggy beauty, I rarely see her moving. When she does I watch mesmerized, always surprised by how long I've been observing her when I finally snap out of it and move on to other things going on in life. Her writing casts ysterious spells.

How long she'll remain on her web in the window is a guessing game. No hard freeze has yet appeared in weather forecasts but it's going to get close tomorrow morning with a low of 34ºF. I suspect she'll add an egg sac to the web or someplace else nearby soon. A safe place from wind and predators for babies to grow.

There are a few things I need to get done before the first freeze hits, too. So I'll keep and eye on her to see if she predicts first freeze, which may not happen this month. That's fine with me. A prolonged, mild autumn will produce a calming effect to be enjoyed while it lasts. I'm in no rush for winter's arrival.

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