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Information Thwarts Boredom

(a 250-word story)

As he advanced into the decade normally considered the final one for the majority of people, he learned how to live beyond a century and found happiness in ample time then for his rather limited intellect to explore and understand much more than he ever dreamed possible. With so much extra time available to seek knowledge and develop skills prospects for thrill of discovery sent chills racing up and down his spine at least once each day and night as he sought information and applied it to answer questions bouncing around within his mind.

Midway through his second century of life he learned how to live beyond that and his joy expanded proportionally because managing to continue learning without limitations of time, his continually developing intellect allowed discovery of even more exciting mysteries to investigate. His acuity mounted and swelled, bringing answers which again raised still more questions in which he could happily delve, opening vistas so wide and deep he knew he could always count on having more than enough to learn as long as he lived.

Centuries passed boredom free and he frequently giggled to himself with as much excitement now as he ever felt during his first few decades of life. Then one day he wondered how long this could go on and if he would ever want it to end. A passing thought of no real consequence as another unanswered question leapt from some deep recess of his mind demanding attention, and he sought more information.

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