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In The Bowl

Having dreams of building an outdoor performance stage for private, live-music parties here. The acoustics in the small bowl of this part of the canyon are great for it. With nearest full-time neighbors a mile away as the crow flies, we wouldn't disturb any people even if we cranked up the decibiles. I'm not sure, though, what negative effect the music might have on wildlife in the area. I don't want to impact their lives anymore than I already have by just being here living quietly.

Some days when the atmospheric conditions are just right and temperatures are warm enough to prevent fingers form stiffening up, I practice acoustic instruments outside without amplification and it's glorious. Birds seem unperturbed by the sessions on guitar, banjo, Copeland whistle, native flute and didgeridoo. Rafters of wild turkey have grazed nearby several times while I was playing, totally within line-of-sight for several dozen bars at a time, even pausing and looking toward the source of the sounds. Chipmunks and squirrels perch on the woodpile munching on nuts and grass seed, watching intently as I play. Elk have come up only once. No mule deer yet.They're pretty shy. And no bear, which is a good thing.

It would be fun to have live music at parties with family and close friends. Maybe it would become a family tradition for musically inclined members. As long as it didn't go beyond that. The thought of entertaining public crowds is horrific, not least of which are government regulations the state and county would most certainly heap upon me to do such a thing here.

Yeah . . . no.

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