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I Love This Spider!

Updated: Jun 18, 2018

Life here is good except for all the bothersome spiders and flies. I understand their ecological importance in the world and respect their right to exist, until they crawl or land on me. Then they die, victims of my all-too-eager wrath.

Any spider I catch touching me dies immediately. I don't even have to think about activating muscles in the best shoulder, arm and hand to do this. It just happens instinctively. The same with flies, except they're pretty good at making their escape before I can slap the living shit out of them. Also, in the case of flies, I get sick of them defecating on the glass of my windows. Slapping them with a flyswatter only messes up the clean glass worse than their specks of fly shit.

This is why I love this little black spider.

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