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Head In The Clouds

Today started out with a fantastic sky graced by high wispy clouds sharing plenty of sunlight.

Decided to do as I used to do about six decades ago, prone flat on my back on the ground to watch them soaring over through tree tops–happy to feel that old familiar thrill of edgy dizziness experienced in childhood as I watched, now as strong as ever–giggling as I used to.

I'm beginning to think there's something highly desirable about entering my second childhood now that I've retired and living free of worries about pretty damn near everything.

Having started early on annual wood gathering work and about half way through the task, it's easy to think of all the time I'll have to spend the rest of spring and summer goofing off a lot.

Dozing off, I dreamed of various days of carefree youth living in wonderment of all things. Rolling thunder echoing off of canyon walls woke me as the day aged into late afternoon.

Gladdened by the prospect of more moisture soon falling on the rapidly greening canyon lands again, I hauled my old ass up off the ground, covered the wood splitter with a tarp and went directly to bed for a long, luxurious nap as light, extended rainfall lulled me back into that parallel universe of wild, wonderful dreams where anything and everything can happen.

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