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With acquisition of tablet and pen worthy of use as a digital drawing and painting platform, I'm finally getting back into tinkering in visual arts on a computer. Previous adventures in this arena involved use of a painting software package which was shipped to my 18th-floor apartment in a paint can and a wonky little 3" x 5" penpad having few meaningful configuration settings and absolutely no tilt/pressure sensitivity features at all. And not being skilled at drawing or painting, those primitive software and device options only compounded my frustration in attempts to use them. Twenty-five years later, dedicated HD pen displays hit the market and I drooled over their features as digital artists used them to create game art.

This tablet and tilt/pressure-sensitive pen combination are so easy to use with a feature-rich app called Procreate, dreams of illustrating a novel completed twenty years ago can now be realized. No messy paints, brushes, jars, turpentine, canvases, pencils and erasers required.

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