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Happily Lizardly

Most of the time, mercifully, people leave me the hell alone. But every now and again someone thinks they want to get to know me in person. Big mistake. I am a lizard at heart. Not really cold blooded and I don't swallow my food whole on purpose. In fact I'm a romantic and very passionate, but I am also scaly, wary and a real skin shedder–literally, especially in places I never expected in all of my life to be shedding so much. I enjoy very little of society and civilization, perfectly happy these days to explore very specific activities and antics of humanity via the World Wide Web. And now with this nasty virus loose and romping around unimpeded in a population of hosts for the most part still unconvinced of its virulence, I'm even less inclined to spend time near anyone of my species. Happily lizardly.

Lizards around here know me and hang around the house and front porch aware I may come charging or shuffling out of the house without warning at any minute of any hour of the day/night cycle. It doesn't bother them much as long as I don't step on them. That has only happened once and I deeply regret killing the hapless creature, but shit happens when I'm on the move and others are nearby. So everyone needs to just stay as far away as possible.

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