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Hanging Melons

Not trying to be cute, just trying to grow a decent melon without ants boring in and ruining them. So I'm training my little muskmelon vines up the yard fence to produce their fruit off of the ground where I can more easily keep an eye on them as they grow and ripen for picking.

I'm not sure what variety of melon I'm growing. They sprouted from seeds planted from a grocery store purchase which was simply labeled "Asian Melon". They might be Musketeer or even Collective Farm Woman melon but it doesn't really matter. What matters is that even during this growing season hammered by extreme drought and high heat conditions this little melon is thriving. And even though it's a small, one-serving melon it is a pretty tasty snack chockfull of beneficial nutrients. I hope to have the fence covered with them before the end of growing season which still has almost three months of warm weather remaining.

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