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Green Pass

Updated: Aug 1, 2021

As delta variant of COVID-19 settles in for the long haul–making hardline deniers reassess their self-centered thinking about this never-ending pandemic–sheltering in place once again seems the best approach to life. Fully vaccinated with proof-of-that cards always handy if ever it becomes necessary to show my team spirit is both real and active, worrying over the unvaccinated, especially while so many are still so vulnerable, nothing else is very important.

So decision making over simplest of pleasures provides multiple levels of sustenance. To pick early and fry them up green or wait until fully ripened to wolf down in raw deliciousness. The delta variant surge is gaining momentum even as I type about it here. Too many unvaccinated, by choice or not, for it to lose steam now. It's going to get worse before–if–it gets better. And the longer this virulent variant gets to romp around in unvaccinated hosts, the sooner yet another variant will emerge–possibly one capable of getting around currently available vaccine-enabled defenses–to keep this pandemic roaring along, totally unabated.

No need to be in a rush, then. Let this green pass and wait for them to ripen before eating.

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