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Gadgetry For Old Age Off-Grid

As age inexorably progresses, I think more and more about outfitting the house to accommodate an old hermit's advancing need for convenience in every way I can possibly imagine. An elevator to get upstairs without risking a fall trying to safely get up and down steps. A walk-in shower for the time getting in and out of the deep old iron tub is no longer possible. Taller toilets. Stainless steel cookware much lighter than the trusty old cast iron set I use now. And being a tech junky planning on carrying on using computing equipment until the day I die, gadgets to make use of that equipment as convenient and comfortable as possible. I'm already enjoying a low-cost, light-weight, flexible and handy little gadget now.

This tablet mount cost less than $35 and is already bringing a lot of joy to bedtime by keeping my tablet handy in any of the positions I still enjoy (on left side, right side and everywhere in between) to do everything from surfing the web and watching movies to writing using voice recognition and listening to and composing new music with GarageBand.

With all the lights turned off and the tablet pulled up close so that it appears to be floating in the air, it's like being in the most comfortable full-size theater imaginable for watching HD movies and videos. An added bonus is how power savings at night are better than any full-size flatscreen TV can provide, an important feature for a crazy old off-grid dwelling hermit.

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